Friday, September 22, 2017


Awakening to a dream called Life.

Most days,we move on auto pilot,from waking up,getting ready for school or work,carrying out our responsibilities,fulfilling expectations of others on us as a child,worker,parent,a citizen until one day Life gives us a rude awakening as a certain health crisis that threatens to immobilize us or a sudden accident or crime or divorce that destroys our sense of security and makes us reexamine our priorities in life.
   As midlife existential angst make some people do out of the usual thing like buy a new sports car to revive long forgotten dreams ,get into an affair or sell off their businesses to pursue childhood passions,these moments make us reflect on who we are and what is the meaning of Life.       
Some have found love beyond the physical attachment but in their passion for their cause be it for the environment,
the fulfillment of their dreams,the love for animals,other human beings

There is a law in nature that for every action,there will be a reaction.

That which you practise grows -when seeds of hate are sown,we reap the garden of hatred,
when seeds of kindness are sown ,it blossoms into the garden of love. 

Today as  I was walking past the street,I came across the wise sayings pasted outside a florist shop.It was like what I was reflecting on in listening till the wee hours of the morning to Jamyang Khentse Norbu's talk at University Of  New South Wales on the buddhist path to seek within and not without.
I felt a sense of serendepity when I saw the words plastered outside.Seek and You shall find.

Love is not a matter of counting the years but making that year count....

Sometimes we let affection..go..unspoken.
sometimes we let our love..go..unexpressed..
sometimes we can't find tell..our feelings
especially towards....someone we love most!

You may only be one person to the world
but you are the world to one person.......

Inside the shop were two artificial blooms of white orchids

outside on the glass window the words

Where there is love,there is Life   Gandhi

I must go back to find out who the proprietor of that florist shop is . 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

kudzu kiri noodles in clear clam broth-Macrobiotic food

Asians share a love for ramen which Italians have for their pasta.The variety and ingredients are mind boggling.I had a warm  penchant for this comforting  Japanese kudzu kiri noodles or arrowroot noodles in clear clam broth topped with a poached egg so that the yolk oozes out when i slurp on it.
It seems hard to purchase these noodles from normal supermarts as it's mostly used by organic health food store that follow the macrobiotic diet.I keep powdered kombu stock,bonito flakes,miso and soba as stock in larder but I can't seem to find arrow root noodles like the tang hoon noodles but nicer as it has a chewy texture.The restaurant chain I patronize has changed its chef and the one I ate was below standard as the egg was overcooked,the clams became rubbery and the noodles soft unlike the previous chef.i will try to cook it myself to save money and recreate the texture through the right timing of the boiling process as overcooked ramen is so unappetising to taste.Macrobiotic diet harmonizes the yin and yang forces.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

next life

Id it time to prepare for the next life.After reading Ajarn Sumano bhikku's booklet the enlightened mind,I slowly think I know the Universal Mind.But to know is different from to act.
       How as a disciple of Ajarn Chah,he continues to give his dharmma from his cave retreat.I would hope he gives retreat as he walks the talk-no fanciful monastery or whatever modern comforts but a solar powered laptop.From the trappings of the military,to a university researcher to a businessman,he may have tasted the materialism of American society and to give it all up and let go of it all is his remarkable karma.
      How should I prepare for the next life? Time to seek his advice but I shouldn't disturb his privacy.After watching Arbat,I see the difficulties of conquering one's desires.How could he do that and still take care of a sick anddying Ajarn Chah who is not even from his own family shows the depth of his compassionate nature.Time to make a retreat to Thailand-leave this world of dust.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

when rivers and mountain calls

Laos is a place of serenity almost like Bhutan in its lack of commercialization- a natural haven of water,mountains and peace.My heart is calm here.A

  A child of nature.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

lyrics of the purple rose of pain

Bitterness  Endure       ( Hanyu    Pinyin)
Sung by the geisha Yoshimaru
Angry to lose all of you,my papa,mama and brother
Pain not to say goodbye
Bitterness endure 
Ku re nai
The sadness
Hate the world
With lies that
Robbed you of
Your hope,your laughter
Wipe away
Your pain
Bitterness endure
Ku re nai
Let the anger explode
Kill the bitter memories
Wash away your hate
With rain of tears
To suffer every possible
Han xin ru ku
Release the pain
Cut out the memories
oozing out 
Is the colour of anguish
Is the colour of passion
Set your heart on fire
Burn the hate
To ashes
Too many questions
No need for answers
Swallow the bitterness
Set your heart on fire
Set your heart on fire
With the music of love

Like a moth to the flame
Sang by enemy of Shogun
Like a moth to the candle flame
Draw away from the darkness
Move to the light
Blinded by the rays 
The moth is trapped
Until it is set on fire
By that which tempts
By that which bewitches
By that it loses its life
The light is a lure
To be burned alive
flee from the
Bleak,  dark Night
Seek your delight
In the warmth of the light
As it beckons like
A beacon 
Drawing sailors lost in stormy seas
To search for the light of hope
A drabby moth of brown
pales beside the iridiscent colours
Of the butterfly wings
 looks  that will never capture
the eyes of the beholder
Plain and safe your life will be
Plain and safe your life will be
If you had hidden in the cloak of darkness
But your desire for the dazzling flame
Will be the end of your life
Bewitched by that beauty
Of radiance

Your fate is to hate
Sang by Toshi
Eyes like blades of steel
Through thin air
Another down
Not ten men can defeat me
Nay a hundred I will bring to their knees
Legs quiver and shake
At mere mention of my name
Not a drop of mercy 
Not a plaintive cry
Not a drop of tear
Will save you
From my blade of honour
My duty is to do or die
The shogun's dignity i vow to protect
Till the last drop of crimson blood
Oozes out
I will defend till the slashes cover
Every inch of my skin
Proud Iam to be a loyal man
My duty is not to let my master down
To wipe out each and every enemy 
The children's wails are soundless screams
The women's cries are drowned in blood
The old I send to the early grave
Only my master's words I listen to
All his enemies have to go.
My fate is to hate
Hate what my master commands
I am the sword of life and death
The power I hold over your life at ransom
Beg me for mercy
I hear not your horror
Not a drop of blood I spare
My fate is to hate

Well of silence
Sang by Toshi
The purple  rose
Is the pain of passion
So fall into the pits of despair
Go to burn and rot in hell
Why should anyone care
If you drop into the well
Of silence
No one will ever find you
In the well of silence
Block out those cries of pain
The darkness is creeping in
The walls of the well of silence
Will cut off the world outside
Bury yourself in memories
Barricide yourself in the well of silence
Where no light will reach all the way down
For the sky above
Is totally unreachable
Though it can still be seen
From the pit of darkness
The heart sees what the eyes can't(yoshimaru's ballad)
Though my world is in darkness
I can feel your pain
They say you are a slayer of humanity
A cold blooded murderer
But do they understand
Only the strong survive
In our world
The weak are born losers
Soft saplings are crushed by 
The branches of sturdy trees
in a storm
The strong will live on
Yes,you were a sapling once
Kicked by bullies
Abandoned by friends
Your family gone in a second
Swallowed by the earth
That shook and tremble
No more 
No more will I be weak for
The weak are inferior slaves
You said to yourself
Each fall strengthened your will
Your unconquerable body
Sharpened your indomitable spirit
Each loser crushed beneath your feet
Only made you love to win
Again and again
Others will
Run away  from
The heartless slayer
Only I will follow you
Like a shadow 
Coz I see you better
Though sightless
I know your every move
I see your heart
It will soon be in my hands
For my heart sees
What my eyes can't.
Love conquers all

Lyrics to Who will buy my heart?(sung by yoshimaru)
What is the price for pleasure?
Seeker of joy
Name me the amount
For I will be soothing your pain
Let yourself go
And follow me 
To the madness of desire
Of beguiling charm
Drown your sorrows
With sips of sake
Forget the world
Let my music bring you
To another place
Relax in the warmth
Of my embrace
My tender lips
Will melt any 
Hardened soul
Weary from the way of the world
The night is still young
Stay and linger in the comfort of 
Everything has a price
But how much is my heart worth?
Who will buy my heart?
Who wants to listen to
my lonely melody?
When will I get justice
For my slained family?
Only time will tell
For all the money in this world
Cannot bring them back to me
Who will buy my heart?
ush them all  sung by the Shogun
All the world
Will belong to me.
My samurai will
Do my bidding
They are each and everyone
Of them loyal
To defend my honour
For failure to obey
They commit seppuku
Power lies at the end of the katana
Power comes not out of thin air
Power is strength
So crush them all
Who even dare to defy me
Crush them like ants
Beneath my feet

My enemy tremble
At my army of
Fearless warriors
Their swords fly
Swifter than a gust of wind
For their invincible sword
Knows no mercy
With their help
The world will soon fall
Into my hands
The song of eternal yearning sung by Toshi
The sun that will rise with
this new dawn will
dry up the beads of dew
Clinging to the thorny leaves
Of the purple rose
When passion is pain
When passion is pain
Abandon that elusive dream
Never- although foolish it may seem
Chase that which is in your heart
Listen to  the voiceless whisper 
That haunts you in the stillness of the dark night
Be seduced by the rush of passion
Believe that fate will somehow unfold
Your destiny is in your hands
Chase the elusive dream
 which is in your heart
 Lovers are not eternal
 But Love lives on forever